Bleta Reality

Bleta Reality is the mixed reality adventure-game engine for Microsoft Hololens. Create point-and-click alike adventure-games on real locations anywhere in the world. Win Bleta Credits by playing the games that others have created, alone or in teams. Bleta Reality will be earliest available in 2020.


Bletapad is the virtual tablet computer to be integrated in any kind of VR and AR application. Based on SAP OpenUI5, it allows you to build enterprise-ready user interfaces that can be controlled like well-known tablet computers in the real world. Bletapad will be earliest available in 2019.


Bletaverse is the virtual world game that pays you for playing. Use Bleta Traffic Cones and win virtual money for visiting virtual places. Solve exciting quests, collect Bleta Coins and exchange your earnings to other digital currencies. Bletaverse is currently only available in the virtual world Second Life.

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